Quiz questions

For Friday, May 9, be prepared to answer question 1.

For Monday, May 12, be prepared to answer question 3

1. Do you feel sympathy for the vampire in Murnau's Nosferatu? Why or why not?

2 Murnau and Herzog both present a physically distinctive vision of the vampire. What is the effect of the vampire's appearance?

3. Herzog's film is a remake of Murnau's. Pick one aspect of the remake (a scene, character, score, shot or series of shots...) and compare Herzog's version to Murnau's.

4. What is the nature of evil in Herzog's and Murnau's versions of Nosferatu? Pick one of the two films and discuss how evil is portrayed.

5. How do the Nosferatu films build upon/change Stoker's Dracula?

6. Both Murnau and Herzog use "naturalistic" sequences, of a bat flying, of a venus flytrap, in their films. What is the effect of these images in the larger context?

7. How do the ruins of Dracula's castle function in each film?